Class Photo Gallery


We are Kasia & Kuba, a school photographers. If You would like to order some photos, please follow the instructions below

Please enter the gallery and choose photos. To choose the photo click heart icon on the top right corner of the page. Enter your email adress and continue. When you are ready go back to the main page to see all the photos in the gallery. Below of the main photo is a heart with little green drop. There will be a gallery called "Favourites". Click it and see all chosen photos. On each of them on the right dawn corner will be a comments icon (cloud) - please leave there a format and number of copies. 

Or If you want you can order by mail Write a list of chosen photos with order. Send me a photo number, formats and number of copies. 

Please, wait for my respond and a confirmation of an order. I will also send you an invoice with the details for money transfer.

Once or twice a week untill the end of the year I will deliver your order to the school office. I'll let You know when your order will be ready.

All the photos you can find in the web gallery are before retouch, so please, don't worry if there are some missing fragments of the backgroud or visible radiator – we will fix it :)

We are not going to sale any digital photos of classes and friends, but we will send You by e-mail a digital files of each individual photos you will chose. Please remember that all of the class and friends photo prints are for your private use only.


10/15 cm – 10 zł 

15/21 cm – 14,00 zł 

21/30 cm – 24,00 zł 

30/40 cm – 47,00 zł 

60/40 cm – 62,00 zł

F 1

F 2




& friends

IB 1

IB 2

A few words about our privacy police:

All the photography taken this year is for school and your private use only. We keep them in our safe data base. Our computer is protected by password. Class photo and one individual photo of each student will be printed in the Yearbook. When the project of Yearbook will be finished we will delete all of the photos. 

The photographs are also uploaded at the Pixiset gallery which is secured by password, so only parents and BISC students can get the access. (Pixiset Privacy police is avaliabe here –

Files of ordered photos will be sent to a photolab and deleted after printing.

Your personal data (name, e-mail address and eventual additional details of your company needed for the invoice) we use for processing your order only. We don't process your data in any other way.

You have all rights to ask us to demand deleting photos and your data from a hard drive and web gallery any time. Just e-mail us, and we'll do it as soon as we can. 

Remember, we're doing our best to keep photos safe and secure.